I waited. I waited for you.

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and however scared you are clara, the man you are with right now, the man i hope you are with, believe me he is more scared than anything you could imagine right now.
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Even so, it can’t happen like this. After everything we’ve been through, Doctor. Everything. You can’t just drop me off at my house and say goodbye like we shared a cab.And what’s the alternative? Me standing over your grave? Over your broken body. Over Rory’s body.

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 If you want to be.

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I need to get to know London again.

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I’m not saying it’s not clever, but…bit… disappointed.

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My spirit. This is a new thought. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It’s not as if I’m never friendly. Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but i do care for some people.

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